The city is allowing folks to tour the South Field House and could sell the property, Youngstown - OH
The city of Youngstown Parks and Recreation Department is inviting developers and community members inside the closed South Field house in Youngstown.

For many folks the rich history brings back memories of hundreds of basketball games played by South High School Warriors and rivals, and the home court was also used by Youngstown College which became YSU.

"From here we had the minor leagues. We had the Youngstown Hawks that came out here," said Dawn Turnage Director of Youngstown Parks and Recreation.

South Field House opened doors in the 1940's.
In the 70's kids and parents visited the circus here, plus there were summer activities in this once community hub until South High School closed in 1993.

The field outdoors was used for Pee Wee football games.

Valley Christian still practices football on the field now.

It could take someone with vision and deep pockets to make needed repairs to the building that has not been in use for a few decades now.

"I see a potential for turning this into a sports complex that's good for our community, when it comes to health and welness, as well as economic development opportunities for business as well as housing to come to our community," added Turnage.