The male suspect in the murder of 15-year-old Damon Marinoff of Farrell, PA, on the 700 block of Sherwood Ave. in 2018, has entered an Alford Plea in the Youngstown Court of Common Pleas Monday.

An Alford Plea, also known as a "best interests plea," registers a formal claim of neither guilt nor innocence toward charges brought against defendants in a criminal court.

Antonio Davis (19) originally appeared in court in May of 2019 with charges of Aggravated Murder, Murder, and two counts of Aggravated Robbery.

However, after entering the Alford Plea, the Aggravated Murder charge was amended to Involuntary Manslaughter with firearm specifications, and the Murder charge was dropped entirely.

According to Assistant Prosecutor Martin Hume, in 2018, Marinoff made arrangements on the app, LetGo to sell two iPhones. Marinoff was driven to the scene where two men were waiting with guns. 

The driver was able to identify Davis on the driver's side but was unable to identify the suspect on the passenger side. Upon approaching the vehicle, Davis pointed a gun at the driver, robbing him of his wallet and the second suspect robbed Marinoff of the two iPhones.

Marinoff then exited the vehicle and was shot and killed.

Davis is scheduled to be sentenced on Wednesday, Dec. 8.