Strong storms whipped through the valley affecting thousands of people in our viewing area.

Several tornado warnings were issued for the area including Trumbull, Mahoning and Mercer counties.

On Stoddard Hayes Road the storm left behind evidence of it's power, in just a few minutes, the wind pushed through, damaging a garage, ripping this porch awning away from their house in the back yard where family cookouts and gatherings are held.

Raymond Hudson and his wife have worked hard to create their slice of heaven in the back yard. They tell WFMJ they have enjoyed relaxing on their back porch for 25 years.

The back yard oasis where pool parties were held no longer recognizable. The wind moved an 800 pound gazebo, their solar system to heat their pool is in trees, metal and other items blown a half a football field and even a full football field away.

"Our grill hut is gone now. We have a shed back there, it's all in the trees back there and we got at least ten, fifteen trees back there in a pond, and on the ground," said Debbie Hudson.

The wind was so strong it picked up a 34 foor recreational vehicle like a Tonka toy about two feet away from the blocks where it sat.

"I seen my camper was floating in the air. I go holy crap. I looked out the back window and I seen this thing going up in the air. That's when I yelled to these guys we got to get out of here. But by the time we got our things and got to the door it was over."

The family typically goes to the fire station since they don't have a basement.

The family says there was there was no weather warning siren, but they got a call from their oldest son, their youngest son was at home with them.

Although devastating, the family is grateful they, their four cats and dog are safe!

Debbie expressed they are lucky they are alive. Her husband Raymond agreed and added it didn't take their house either.