A man was arrested in Warren on Monday after officers responded to a call at approximately 5:50 a.m. claiming a man was screaming and attempting to set something on fire.

According to police, upon arriving to the scene, officers observed Christopher Underwood (39) shining a flashlight in the backyard of a house on Charles Ave.  

When officers asked Underwood what he was doing, police say he told them that he was "meeting everyone here for work" but stated that everyone else already left without him.

Upon identifying Underwood, police say dispatch advised that he had a warrant for his arrest. Officers then searched Underwood and found a pocket knife, a small baggie of Marijuana and a crack pipe.

Underwood was then transported to the Trumbull County Jail and was told if he had anything else illegal on him, he'd receive a conveyance charge on top of his original charge. 

Police say Underwood claimed he may have had something in his left boot, but say nothing was found upon searching the boot and his sock.

Upon arrival to the Trumbull County Jail, the corrections officer was advised that Underwood may have narcotics on him due to his behavior during the arrest. 

After being escorted into the booking room, Underwood removed his socks and upon removing and ankle sock and flinging it, police say a small object suspected to be a crack rock flew across the room.

The suspected crack was taken and placed into evidence. The Marijuana was placed in the destroy bin.