WRTA has announced on Wednesday that it will be reinstating Fixed Route Services in Warren after receiving a grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) starting Monday, Dec. 6.

There will be seven fixed routes to serve Warren. Additionally, the Warren express will continue to run on its regular route. 

The seven new routes will be as follows:

-#70 Southeast

-#71 North

-#72 Southwest

-#73 East

-#74 Elm

-#75 Northwest

-#76 North Jackson express

Riders will be able to get to shopping centers, senior centers, hospitals and high employer areas such as Ultium Cells battery plant or the TJX Distribution Center.

In addition, WRTA is also rolling out the #81 Akron Express. 

"The route was mainly designed to help veterans get to the VA hospital in Cleveland, but it's also useful for those riders who are looking to get to the Akron area for shopping or other activities," said WRTA Executive Director Dean Harris.

Riders looking to get to the VA hospital will take the Akron Express bus from Federal Station to METRO's Robert K. Ptaff Transit Center. Once there, they will take the X61 Northcoast Express Akron to Cleveland route.

Riders must pay METRO's bus fare to take this route. $5 for one-way or $40 for a Northcoast 10-ride ticket. Riders can also pay their fare via the EZ Fare app.