Youngstown Police Detectives have released the man arrested earlier in connection with the abduction of the manager of the Family Dollar store in Cornersburg.

According to YPD Captain Jason Simon, after conferring with the City and County Prosecutor, charges were not formally filed at this time. 

Captain Simon says charges against Allen and others may still be filed in the future as the investigation actively continues. 

Allen had been arrested after the employee said she was abducted Tuesday night.

The victim shared the harrowing details of what led up to her kidnapping and how she escaped.

The  36-year-old woman tells 21 News a man in the store had loaded up a 30-gallon tote of store merchandise, like shirts and socks, and then smashed through the front door as he left. She said he left with such force, he even broke the hinges off the door.

The woman said she followed him out to the parking lot to get the license plate number, and had no intentions of trying to stop the crime. But, that's when a man in the backseat of the car opened the back door, the man with the tote then grabbed her by the hair and threw her into the vehicle and started to drive.

"I grabbed the shifter and I smashed it back as hard as I could trying to like break it off," said the woman.

She said by this point the vehicle was already on Canfield Road. 

"I grabbed onto the wheel and I kept trying to like make him wreck like anything, if I could get the car to stop I could get out," she shared. "And the guy in the back seat just kept hitting me and hitting me and I'm fighting back".

The woman said she tried to find the door handle but could not.

As they approached Bears Den she said, "I thought they were going to throw me off the bridge."

The abductors got less than two miles from the store before throwing the woman out of the car just past the Lanterman's Mill.

She says she screamed for help, but those passing by seemed afraid and did not respond to her pleas for help and so she began to run.

She said customers from the store recognized her and drove her back to the store.

The woman said she is not sure why she was kidnapped and believes the men may have had the wrong person.