A letter from Youngstown Law Director Jeff Limbian reveals why he has been placed on unpaid leave for two weeks and is giving up duties as city prosecutor to focus on those required as law director.

21 News has obtained a copy of the letter of apology from Limbian addressed to City Council Clerk Valencia Morrow and Mayor Tito Brown.

The letter is in reference to Limbian's recent statement responding to Morrow's cancelation of a City Council meeting due to what she described as "a constant struggle to get legislation in a timely manner in order for Council to have time to read and digest their legislation."

In his response, Limbian told Morrow that the rationale for canceling the meetings was "misguided" and characterized Morrow's rhetoric as "misplaced".

In the letter to the Mayor and Morrow dated Thursday, Limbian concedes that communications in and out of the Law Department have been less than what is required to ensure smooth and efficient operations.  

"Such communication issues within my control culminated in an unfortunate expression of anger by me to Valencia Marrow, Clerk of City Council and she did not deserve it. For that Valencia, I am truly sorry," said Limbian, who admitted to "unwarranted" delays.

Limbian also apologized to Mayor Brown, City Council, and the administration, saying measures have been taken to make sure it doesn't happen again.

In his letter, Limbian said he accepts the Mayor's decision to suspend him for two weeks without pay, acknowledging that he will no longer serve as City Prosecutor.

Before his appointment as city law director, Limbian has had a private law practice and was an assistant Mahoning County Prosecutor.