The Holidays are supposed to be a special time to sit down with the family and enjoy a nice, warm cooked meal.

However, for some having a warm-cooked meal can be difficult but The Warren Family Mission is helping provide at least a warm meal as they continue their annual Thanksgiving meal giveaway.

A total of 2,232 meals were distributed at the Mission on Wednesday ahead of the Thanksgiving Holiday. The mission was to host a take-out and delivery operation where over 700 meals were picked up on-site and 1,500 meals were delivered into homes that needed a warm meal.

To tackle such a task, more than 100 volunteers were needed to help cook the food, give out the food and package the food.

"It's truly rewarding to see the People and just see the thankfulness in them that they are able to receive a warm meal. It really warms your heart, knowing that you're making a difference one heart at a time," said Dominic Mararri, Director of Public Relations at the mission.

Over 5,500 pounds of Turkey was brought in and 80 gallons of vegetables were needed to make the meals.

The event lasted from Noon on Wednesday until 4 pm.

Their next food giveaway will be in December for their annual Christmas Giveaway.