It's a random act of kindness that's spreading holiday cheer after 3 grinches vandalized Mauthe Park's holiday decorations in Struthers.

"They just pretty much vandalized the whole area we had out here that was decorated," said Bob Clyde, Mauthe Park's Supervisor.

3 juveniles broke curfew Monday morning where they kicked over a snowman and gift light display, eventually stomping on the festive decor. They destroyed about $500 worth of decorations.

"You work so hard to make everything look nice and you work so hard to get the Christmas decorations up," Clyde explained, "and then when something like that happens, it just tears you apart."

On Friday afternoon, Clyde stopped by the park to find about $600 worth of new decor at his door.

"There was no note and there was no telephone number," Clyde said. "Not only that but they avoided being seen on the cameras because we have cameras on the building so they knew were the cameras were."

From a Disney light up display to a Peanuts themed inflatable, even throwing in a festive wiener dog, whoever was behind this act of kindness, Clyde considers them a Christmas blessing.

"Whoever you are out there, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much," Clyde said.

The 3 juveniles were arrested after it was connected 3 kids breaking curfew that morning were the same three in the park's surveillance footage.