A Warren woman was charged with felonious assault after stabbing her husband in the arm, police said.

Shanae Jarmon, 40, was arrested on Sunday morning without incident after her husband called police alleging she stabbed him.

Officers arrived at their home on Lancer Court near West Market Street to find the couple sitting in their living room. Warren Police said they saw blood on the husband's arms and hands plus an additional pool of blood where he had been sitting. 

When first responders tried to get the husband to talk about the incident, he was initially quiet and insisted he did not know how it began.

After some time, he told police that his wife went from "0 to 60" after the couple spent the day drinking alcohol together. The Jarmon's got into an argument and eventually the suspect accused her husband of cheating. Officers said that is when Jarmon stabbed him.

Police were unable to locate the knife used in the incident.

Jarmon's husband refused treatment for his wounds at the scene.

Officers will consult with Warren Courts on how to proceed with the incident.