Power was restored for over 2,300 Trumbull County residents at approximately 1:00 p.m. on Thursday after a power outage that affected over 80% of residents.

First Energy representative Lauren Siburkis said the outage was due to a trip on a high voltage wire in Hubbard. A crew investigated the cause of the trip and worked to restore power.

Siburkis tells 21 News that crews could not identify an exact cause for the wire trip, but they will continue to inspect the line for any potential issues invisible to the naked eye.

"Think of a circuit breaker in your home and how it will shut down if there is a fault in one of the circuits," Siburkis said. "It does that to protect the wires and electric in your home and keep them safe. Our system works similarly and the trip in our circuit shut down power to protect itself."

About 2,300 Hubbard residents were in the dark as of noon on Thursday. First Energy's data showed that 84.7% of Hubbard residents were affected by the outage.

Some residents in Brookfield and Liberty townships also experienced power outages.