There's a lot more money being funneled in Ohio and the Mahoning Valley to help those who just can't pay some of their utility bills.  

The extra funds are coming from the American Rescue Plan.

Numbers from the Biden Administration show Ohio received $367.4 million for home energy assistance, which is more than double the state's typical funding (140.5 million).

So what is HEAP?

"Regular heap, which is the application that is normally sent to the state of Ohio, and the client will receive additional benefits on their primary heat source", says Sarah A. Edmonds, client services supervisor at TCAP.

The recent additional money goes a long way

"The state makes that determination, how much money we're going to get, or how much money the client is going to get.  A lot of people are excited to get something in the mail stating that you're going to get $800 dollars toward say your Dominion East Ohio gas bill." Edmonds added.

Who is eligible?

"All government programs are income-based per household, so for regular HEAP, that's 175 percent of the poverty ratio".

According to the federal guidleines, a single person household would have to make equal to or less than $22,540.  A family of four bringing in less than $46,375 would also qualify   ((Federal Poverty Guidelines))

So how do you apply?

"They can always call the state number (800) 282-088, or they can go online and get the information to the closest CAP agency to them in their county.  link to online application