An argument between Trumbull County Commissioners, Frank Fuda and Niki Frenchko earlier this week nearly caused a temporary budget not to be passed for the county

Addtionally, Journal Clerk, Paula Vivoda-Klotz filed a temporary civil stalking protection order against Frenchko. The document states that Frenchko cannot come within 25 feet of Vivoda-Klotz.

The order is effective until Wednesday, Jan. 19 when a full hearing is scheduled with a judge via Zoom at 1:00 p.m.

These were just a few incidents in what has become a culture of dysfunction for Trumbull County's government, with some saying this dysfunction is noticed all the way to Columbus.

Former Trumbull County Republican Party Chairman, Kevin Wyndham described these disputes as "absolutely embarrassing," stating that he's never seen anything like this in his life.

Others former elected officials, such as former State Representative, Glenn Holmes say that these disputes make it harder for state representatives to advocate for the county and bring money back to its districts.

"It's hard to expand services, it's hard to bring in new businesses if there's dysfunction among government. I think that's a big red flag to anyone that would come highlight our quality of service," Holmes said.

Officials suggest the Board works past its issues for the good of the county, as the decisions they make need to be prioritized over their differences.