It was just your average day for Charles Luck in June of 2021 when an unfamiliar truck pulled into his North Bloomfield driveway.

Soon after, a man busted down his door, attempting to enter and search his house.

A man, later identified as 21 year old Cyler Reed, stating he was a bail bondsman looking for someone who did not live at the Luck's home.

Luck says Reed took several wrong actions like not informing local law enforcement he would be on the property and also not identifying himself.

"If somebody does post the bail when you're coming to somebody's house, you have to see the person before you kick the door in," Luck explained to 21 News. 

Reed continued to pace through the Luck's home for several minutes, while pointing a taser at Luck. 

"You're gonna end up getting tased," Reed said to Luck in a video his wife was recording. "You're threatening to tase me in my own house," Luck shouted back. 

In the video, Luck and his wife continuously told Reed to leave their property while on the phone with local police.

When Reed couldn't find who he was looking for, he eventually left minutes later.

"I want your identification. You damaged my property," Luck shouted to Reed as he was leaving their property. 

On Thursday, January 21, Reed was indicted on charges including criminal damaging, trespassing and menacing.

Luck explained to 21 News there should be stricter regulations for bail bondsmen. Luck recently installed cameras across his property.

Cyler Reed was previously one of Brookfield Fire Department EMT's who was placed on administrative leave following social media comments he made in reference to a triple homicide in Youngstown.

Reed is expected back in court later this year.