The village of Lordstown could potentially be changing its water meter reading systems.

Instead of a mobile acquisition drive by system where workers go around once a month to read meters, the village could get all that information online every day.

Both the village and customers would then be able to see how much water they've been using and if there are any leaks.

Additionally, the customer would be able to set their own water budgets and be notified if they are exceeding them.

Metron Farnier LLC Regional Sales Manager, Michael Giarratano explained the benefit of the system for both the supplier and user.

He tells 21 News from the utility standpoint, it reduces the amount of time that their vehicles are out on the road and the mobilization costs and other costs that go along with those vehicles, as well as the time spent reading the meters while out on the road.

"From that standpoint, it also allows the [utility company] to be notified automatically of new leaks or existing leaks within the system that happened yesterday, they'd be notified today via email or via a text message with an Excel sheet attached to it," Girarratano said.