Eastwood Mall security officers and Niles Police responded to a fight among several juveniles at the Eastwood Mall just one week after a previous fight involving several juveniles.

Police say the fight occurred near the children's play area in the mall.

Niles Police Captain John Marshall tells 21 News one 13-year old-girl has been charged with disorderly conduct, and that the fight is currently under review by Trumbull County Juvenile Prosecutor's Office.

Cafaro Company Corporate Communications Officer, Joe Bell tells 21 News that all juveniles involved in the fight have been banned from the mall.

In addition, Bell tells us mall staff are currently collaborating with Niles Police to discuss "what if any new strategy to deploy to make sure these incidents are discouraged.

"We want young people to know that they are not welcome on the property if they have any intent to act in a disorderly fashion," Bell said.