People took to the streets Saturday in Warren to protest the reopening of a Weathersfield injection well.

It's the same one the state ordered to close in 2014 after it cited seismic activity at the site.

The deep-injection well is located in Weathersfield Township just off State Route 169.

The Well has gone unused for years, following a 2014 earthquake with a magnitude of 2.1.

Its epicenter was located a mile from, and adjacent to the site

The company that owns the drilling well, American Water Management Services, has been trying ever since to get the well reopened.

In late 2020 they were successful though, state regulators determined it must shut down again if a 2.1 or greater earthquake is measured within a three-mile radius of the site, allowing Ohio to investigate the cause.

The company responded with a plan proposing the limit be raised to 3.0 earthquake.

That proposal has residents and protestors worried.

In a Jan. 11 court brief, a company attorney wrote, "Even if a 4.0 magnitude earthquake occurred, the ground shaking would not be at the levels that would cause any harm to person or property"

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has responded saying the statement was false.

American Water Management Services CEO, Ron Klingle, spoke to 21 News but declined to go on camera saying the facility is, "state of the art and safe.."