Father Mykola Zomchak from Ukraine, is settling in Youngstown as he prepares to be the spiritual father for parish members of Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Orthodox church in Youngstown.

"I enjoy the ministry here. I enjoy having the responsibility of taking the leadership of being the spiritual father of these people," said Reverend Zomchak.

He, his wife and baby visited their parents and siblings, cousins and friends one month before Russia invaded. "It was shocking. We did not expect this," Pastor Zomchak said.

"Everybody is just afraid. No one wants to receive a missile in thier home. It's just disaster. We just want the war to end, people are suffering there." Zomchak added.

He has seen the news stories of parents burying children then continuing to fight and he knows people on the front lines.

"One of my friends he is on the front line right now. He said I rather die in freedom than become a slave, and that's what we are seeing with that's what millions of Ukrainians are showing," emphasized Zomchak.

When asked if he believes other countries are doing enough, he explained it is up to all independent nations to help destroy evil.
He prays daily that God will stretch his hand forth and grant Ukrainian people peace.

"We as the church sometimes we may feel hopeless and helpless, but that is not the case, we have got the most powerful weapon in our hands, and that is prayer, emphasized Father Zomchak.

The church has raised $12,000 from bingo and collections to help the people in Ukraine.
Information on how you can donate is on the parish website and headquarters website the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of USA.

Over 4 million refugees have fled bombed apartments and homes, with the clothes on their backs.

Father Zomchak and Father Ivan Tchopko emphasize another way people can make a difference is by preparing places for and welcomeing refugees.

The refugees need basic needs like a place to stay and food. They left everything behind.

"The independence we have receive through the years, it's God given independence. It's the Holy Land Ukrainians and they're not giving up. We are proud being Ukrainians. We are proud to live on the land and we will do everything possible and they have showed they will not give up until their last breath, said
Father Zomchak.