Niles police say it's becoming an ongoing problem...teenagers causing disturbances at the Eastwood Mall.

Several instances of fighting were reported there over the past few months.

Cell phone cameras recorded fights near one of the entrances of the Eastwood Mall in March.
Police say that was just one instance where teenagers caused disturbances at the mall.

As a result, Niles police say they are making more of a presence there.

"Right now we have officers working off-duty security duty there to help supplement security. We do have officers in and around the Eastwood Mall too. What it's going to come down to mostly is parents taking the initiative not dropping their kids off at the mall," said Niles detective, John Marshall.

Niles police have already charged juveniles criminally for their disturbances. Some with assault and trespassing.

"Once a business tells someone they aren't allowed on the premises anymore and then they come on the premises, they are criminally trespassing," said attorney, David Betras.

In some cases, parents could face some liability, especially if their child causes damage to property or injury to another person.

"Parents are responsible for up to $10,000 but after that they're not. So the parents have some culpability and some financial responsibility for the acts of their children," added Betras.

Niles police say they've been in contact with the county prosecutor currently deciding if they should file charges against the parents for contributing since the parents brought the juveniles to the mall knowing the teens weren't supposed to be there based off of previous incidents.