Two firefighters were injured in an explosion and fire that destroyed eight tanker trucks at a Venango County gas station on Tuesday.

Clintonville Assistant Fire Chief Braydon Rea tells 21 News that one of the empty tankers caught fire just after 4 a.m. at Heath Oil on Route 8 near Interstate 80 in Barkeyville.

According to Rea the fire resulted in an explosion, slightly injuring two firefighters, and causing heavy damage to one of their fire trucks.

As the fire spread to the other tankers, fire departments from Mercer County and other surrounding areas were called to bring aerial trucks equipped with ladders to get above the fire.

The flames were eventually extinguished using a fire-resistant foam.

Although the tankers were empty, assistant chief Rea says the residual gasoline and diesel fuel inside posed more of an explosive hazard because of the fumes.

The injured firefighters were treated at the scene according to Rea, who calls the fire costly, saying that in addition to the fire truck, several fire hoses were damaged.

Investigators are looking for the cause of the fire.

Route 8 was closed in the area.