Lordstown Local Schools are celebrating good news this week.

Students and staff have learned that 3rd Grader Anthony Carmella is cancer free!

The district and community have rallied around the young student after he was diagnosed with Stage Four Kidney Cancer.

"I never understand why kids that age have to suffer like that and get cancer, it just doesn't make any sense to me," said Elementary Principal Rich Zigarovich. "But I can tell you that young man is a tough little kid."

On Wednesday, the school is encouraging students and staff to wear their #Anthony'sArmy T-shirts, or green/camouflage in his honor.

Zigarovich also says Anthony will soon be able to return to the school for tutoring, rather than receiving at-home instruction.

"Every time I've seen him since this processes  has started, he has always had a smile on his face. He has never said why me?' He has fought it and he has beat it," said Zigarovich. "God willing, hopefully he's cured for life."

On Friday, Anthony will ring the cancer survivor's bell.