A Cleveland man was sentenced this week in connection to the alleged sickening of an officer after attempting to hide fentanyl.

Cortez Collins, 29, was sentenced by Judge Megan Bickerton to three years in state prison. 

The charges stem from an incident where an East Liverpool police officer accidentally overdosed on fentanyl during a traffic stop.

The incident happened back in May 2017 during what appeared to be a drug deal on Spring Grove Street.

Collins was pulled from the car and was found to have warrants for possession of carfentanil, an opioid that is used as an elephant tranquilizer and has become a popular ingredient in dangerous drug mixtures.

In the car, a white powder was found in the car that was thought to be cocaine. The suspects told officers that it was fentanyl following a field test on the substance.

A patrolman responding to the traffic stop started feeling sick and dizzy, causing him to overdose on fentanyl after it had come in contact with his skin.

The officer had to be given Narcan and was taken to the hospital.

Collins was charged with tampering with evidence and assault following the incident.

He was also involved in a 2019 car chase that traveled through Austintown's College Park neighborhood before ending in the woods near Tulane Avenue.