A Howland Township man has been charged for a third time after his dog allegedly bit a neighbor and her dog.

A woman who lives on Windsor Trace showed officers cell phone video of a dog attacking her and her dog as they walked out of her home to get the mail late Thursday morning.

According to the police report, the dog bit the woman’s hand and her dog’s ear.

The officer went to a home on nearby King Graves Road and spoke with the wife of the other dog’s owner who said her husband, 71-year-old Keith Dunbar, was out of town and she didn’t know how to operate the invisible fence on her property.

The officer confirmed with a veterinarian that the dog named “Barney” was up to date on its shots.  They told the wife to quarantine Barney for ten days.

Police issued a summons for Keith Dunbar to appear in court next week to answer a charge of failure to restrain a vicious dog.

According to court records, Dunbar was convicted of failing to confine a dog in 2007 and 2017.

The woman who was bitten refused medical treatment.