Mars Wrigley Confectionaries announced a voluntary recall nationwide on Saturday for a variety of gummy candies due to the concerns of thin metal strands embedded in the candies or loose in the packaging.

Products affected include specific varieties of Skittles gummies, Life Saver gummies and Starburst gummies. Mars Wrigley received reports on the issue, but have not been alerted to any illnesses related to it.

The products were manufactured by a third party and distributed nationwide throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

If you recently purchased any of these candies, check the 10-digit manufacturing code on the back of the package. The first three digits will indicate whether or not your product is affected by the recall.

The numbers for the affected products are as follows:

- Starburst Gummies: 136, 139, 140

-Starburst Sour Gummies: 134, 135, 137-142

- Starburst Sour Berries Gummies: 135, 138, 139

- Life Saver Gummies: 136, 139

- Life Saver Wild Berries Gummies: 136-138, 140, 147, 149-152

- Life Saver Sour Gummies: 132-134, 139-140, 144-147, 149, 151, 152, 201

- Skittles Gummies: 139-218

- Skittles Wild Berry Gummies: 138-218

- Skittles Sour Gummies: 204-218

Mars Wrigley is working with retailers to remove these products from store shelves. Anyone who has purchased any of these recalled products should not consume it and instead throw it away.