State Medical Board records give some insight into criminal charges filed against a former Mercy Health doctor from Canfield.

Boardman Police and the Mahoning County Sherriff's Department have denied requests from 21 News for reports on alleged incidents that have led to charges being filed against 39-year-old Dr. Ali Kooshkabadi.

Documents filed by the Ohio Medical Board state that Dr. Kooshkabadi's license to practice medicine has been suspended. However, Kooshkabadi does have an opportunity to request a hearing on that suspension.

According to a notice of summary suspension issued by the board, on April 1, 2022, Police say they were called to the AT&T store in Boardman after Kooshkabadi threatened the staff, allegedly making a slashing gesture across his throat.

The following day, according to the medical board, Kooshkabadi allegedly caused a disturbance at the Fin Feather and Fur Outfitters in Boardman after the doctor was informed that he was not qualified to purchase a firearm.

Police were called after Kooshkabadi allegedly threatened to kill staff there and made threats implying he was a terrorist, including reportedly yelling "Death to America."

The following day, according to the medical board's notice, when sheriff's deputies came to Kooshkabadi's Canfield home with a slip to have him admitted to a hospital, the doctor had a firearm.

According to the medical board, Kooshkabadi later described this incident as "seventeen paratroopers stormed my house."

Kooshabadi was taken by deputies to St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Youngstown for inpatient psychiatric treatment.

While being evaluated at St. Elizabeth's, Kooshkabadi allegedly described himself as "ISIS and a terrorist, call Iran."

Speaking on behalf of Kooshkabadi, Attorney David Engler denies the allegations that his client made terroristic threats or ever uttered the words “Death to America”.

Describing the doctor as being “American to his soul”, Engler says he loves this country and flies an American Flag in front of his home.

According to Engler, Kooskabadi is a true American story, having immigrated from Tehran, Iran, going to Yale University and becoming a physician.

Engler admits that Dr. Kooshkabadi was surprised when he was not permitted to buy a gun, and claims the issue at the AT&T store when he was told by staff that he could not wear a backpack into the business.

Kooshkabadi faces pending charges of having weapons under a disability, violation of a protection order, and two counts of aggravated menacing filed in Mahoning County Court in Canfield.

In addition, the doctor is charged in Boardman Court with one count of making terroristic threats.

The courts have placed Kooskabadi under house arrest while his case is processed. He is also subject to a protection order prohibiting contact with his wife and children.

The Board says it intends to determine whether or not to limit, revoke, permanently revoke or suspend Kooshkabadi's license, or refuse to grant his pending application for a license.

Mercy Health officials told 21 News that as of April 1, Kooskabadi is no longer employed there.

A hearing is scheduled on Friday in Canfield Court and on May 31 in Boardman Court.