One of the most decorated high school athletes in Farrell History could miss out on prom, and his graduation, due to tardiness.

Close to one hundred people lined up outside the school to protest the principal's decision regarding Anthony Stallworth Jr, one that protesters say came at the last minute.

Stallworth Jr is a household name in the community, both on the football field, and in the classroom.  The honor-roll student found out he wouldn't be able to attend Friday's prom or the graduation ceremony on May 27.

"After all his attire was purchased, his car had been reserved, he is ready to go, four days prior to that my son was told he could not go because of his truancy.", said Natasha Stallworth, Anthony's mother.

The Farrell Junior/Senior High School handbook, says any student in their senior year who has been late to school more than 30 times can't take part in commencement and other senior activities. Anthony's parent's didn't deny their son's truancy but said it's a situation that should've been resolved.

"This should've been addressed a long time ago with his mother, and that did not happen.", Natasha Robinson, mother of Anthony's prom date emphasized.

Family members and friends argue that these issues didn't keep Stallworth Jr. off the football field.

"You would let him dress to play football, but you won't let him dress to walk across the stage, what's more important?", said Anthony Stallworth Sr.

21 News reached out to school administrators, but they've yet to respond to comments.