The Ohio Department of Health is requesting greater flexibility for families amidst the national baby formula shortage.

Ohio's Women, Infant, and Children's program (WIC) provides assistance to families and has a contract with Mead Johnson.

While Abbott is the company experiencing the shortage, the ODH has applied for USDA waivers to potentially give families more flexibility in the formula they can purchase using WIC benefits.

The WIC program currently has waivers in place to add other formula choice and size options for impacted specialty formulas.

WIC staff are working to find an appropriate formula for those affected.

According to the release, the Ohio Department of Health recommends to not dilute formula, as it could be dangerous and life-threatening for babies.

They also said to not make homemade formulas as they often do not have the right amount of nutrients and can cause foodborne illnesses.

"We recognize that many Ohio families are finding themselves struggling to find appropriate food for their infants, and we are advocating for them," said Dr. Vanderhoff. "We have been in ongoing and direct communication with formula manufacturers, and USDA and HHS leadership, urging them to do all they can to promptly reduce barriers to formula access."