The Vault Hair Salon & Barbershop is the newest business in Youngstown, located on the city's north side.

Owner Juanita Pete isn't new to the industry, working more than 2 decades as a hair stylist.

"I was talking to one of the clients one day and we were talking about ownership," Pete said to 21 News. "Always have a piece of something that you'll have for generations to come."

Pete said after working for several salons around the Mahoning Valley including Starting Lineup Barbershop, she knew the time was right to take the leap of faith.

"You have nothing to fall back on so you're just stepping out all on your own," Pete added. "You have absolutely nothing and it's just by faith and the grace of God."

The Vault Hair Salon & Barbershop is a full service salon offering haircuts and styles, makeup application, waxing, massages and facials. The salon also specializes in locs and is a full service barbershop. 

"She's a hard worker, she's very dedicated and she loves what she does," said Jerome Franklin, former owner of Starting Lineup Barbershop.

"There's always excitability in the air when we know somebody is opening up something that's going to be advantageous to the community," said Rev. Jeannette Hubbard with St. Andrew's Church. "The Vault Hair Salon & Barbershop is such a huge vision that came to pass for her. She has always been a hard working individual who has been savvy. This is her life's vision."

The space The Vault Hair Salon & Barbershop is in was once a bank, so Pete will eventually use the space as a drive-thru for hair and product purchases. 

Pete worked with Starting Lineup Barbershop for years alongside her close friend Anvia Mickens who was brutally murdered by her boyfriend back in 2017.

"Us two were going to merge together and run it together," Pete explained. "Then she passed away so a part of me just kept that drive. I need to run it and make sure it runs good. I must keep Anvia's name alive. She's all in here," Pete said, pointing to her new salon.

"Anvia loved when people got into the position to win," Pete explained. "She's so happy for me."

"Anvia was all about business," Franklin added. "She was the first one in the shop and the last one to leave. This is something Anvia would do and Anvia would be greatly appreciative and proud of Juanita."

Pete continues to look forward as she leaves her own impact. She hopes to eventually open another salon location in the area. 

"I know she is going to do well," Franklin said. "She needs to have a lot of patience but she has a great crew with her."

Pete has a team of 5 stylists, makeup artists and barbers and is currently hiring.

Visit the business's Facebook page for more details.