Christine Lucarell who sued Nationwide with attorney's Caryn Groedell from Solon and Matthew Ries now with a Youngstown law firm, says she was a quiet A student, who was shy and never imagined she would become such a people person and end up in sales. She went into the Navy, became a single mom raising kids, and when she returned her first experience standing up for what she believed in took place when she lived in a mobile home park in Brookfield Township. That was in the 90's when the late attorney Ralph Zuzulo took her case to court and won.

Lucarell says she has received support from other former agents from across the country. Both she and a former consultant for Nationwide Shelley Aaserud also chose not to accept a severance package. Like in the battle with David and Goliath both women whose interviews were done at different locations and months apart say they focused on God and their faith. Both women also say the road has been difficult but they believe justice will prevail. Both allege this has happened to other agents, and that the result has been devastating to many families. Lucarell says always keep your e mails and written records.

Former Consultant for Nationwide Shelley Aaserud says she is being sued to keep her from testifying in other cases adding that Nationwide claims she is using confidential information. She denies that, saying the information she uses is obtained from the discovery process. She also says after trying to blow the whistle on Nationwide she and some other consultants jobs were eliminated.  We have some of the answers they were asked in our interview with WFMJ-TV.