A small Trumbull county lake could soon end up being nothing more than a mud puddle if something isn't done to repair a hundred-year-old dam that holds back the water.

After a nice rain, water runs off the spillway of the Coalburg lake dam.
But for how much longer?

State officials have talked about breaching the dam and emptying the lake because the dam is in need of repairs, $1.6 million worth.
Hubbard Township trustee Rick Hernandez says trustees do not want to see the lake go but they cannot take it over and assume the liability issues that come with it.

"If in some way homeowners could start a consortium or purchase this property and then see if they can get money to repair the dam it would be wonderful to keep it in the community. The township cannot assume the liability to take it over," said Hernandez.

Trumbull Metroparks wanted to apply for state grants but they also had liability concerns.

Right now, a consortium out of Cleveland, Coalburg Land Partners, owns the property and are involved in a lawsuit with the state over the dam issue.

In the meantime, homeowners worry about losing a great asset, property values, and maybe even more.

"If the lake goes away we will probably lose our water because it's a shallow well. We will lose water pressure and it will cause some problems for sure," said Glenn Gault.

21 news contacted ODNR and the owner of the property for comment but we did not receive word back from them by 6pm news time, Wednesday. So right now, the future of the dam and lake are uncertain.