An Alarming threat against Youngstown city council members sent through e-mail states, "Today I will be taking my AR-15 and hunting down as many council members I possibly can."
Councilwoman Anita Davis, a retired police officer has had threats as cop, and now as a commissioner.
"It's something you always are concerned about. You can't take it for granted anymore. Before you might be inclined to dismiss it as a prank or joke or just an idle threat, but you have to give this attention now. I'm glad Police Chief Carl Davis is taking this seriously and giving this the attention that's required to make a determination if this is a real threat or not," said Councilwoman Davis. 
The author of the email states, "Thomas Hetrick who lives at ... I think I'll start with him.  Or maybe I should start with Basia Adamczak who lives at...."
He then lists the council president's and councilwoman's home addresses or former home address.
The writer states, "Who knows what I'll do. Either way, prepare yourselves."
Prior to the e-mail threatening to hunt Youngstown council members down, their home addresses were listed on the city's website. On Friday they were removed.
"I never understood why council members and council members only, had their home addresses listed right there with their names, and only in Youngstown, not council members in other cities," emphasized Councilwoman Davis.
Davis says Although police are right next door discussions will continue about security and safety at this weeks safety committee meeting. 
"Youngstown PD is just a buzzer away and has always been there Johnny on the spot when some things hit the fan," added Davis.
The author of the email used a public officials name to try to make it appear that an official from Youngstown sent the e mail, but that was not the case.
There was a second identifying e mail address that lists a name that is familiar to police.
Youngstown Police Department detectives are investigating.