YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - The high school football regular season starts August 19 the earliest start ever.

With the early start comes concerns for practices and whether coaches have enough time to prepare their teams.

"Our first scrimmage is 5-6 days after our first day of camp," said second year Lakeview coach Sam Bellino. "We can't control that but we'll take it with a grain of salt."

Practice "officially" opens August 1, but many teams use their 10 camp days and conditioning in June & July.  The OHSAA did move up the acclimation days to the week of July 25.

"Our scrimmages are against Pickerington  North and Saint Ed's," said Fitch coach T.J. Parker. 'It's nice that the state gave us those acclimation days in July."

Once teams go through the acclimation period they can start "hitting" August 1.

"We're going to use those wisely and jump right into things," continued Parker, adding  when you scrimmage Ed's and Pick North its going to come quick.

Some feel they may not be given enough practice time.

"I miss having those three weeks of camp," said Howland coach Steve Boyle. "I feel like we're on it right away, but its the hand were dealt and do the best we can."

With the practice time and playoffs, the season could last 16 weeks for teams playing in the state championship game.
"I think 16 weeks is a lot on the these kids," stated Warren JFK coach Dom Prologo who's team played in the finals in 2020.

"There are still some 14 year old kids trying to compete and that's a long time practicing and banging for 16 weeks."