The Village of Lordstown still doesn't have an answer on Trumbull Energy Center's plans to connect a waterline from Warren to the proposed Lordstown Water plant. 

As the Board of Public Affairs voted to table the vote on Tuesday, 21 News spoke with the board president on what the hesitation is.

After speaking with Clean Energy Future representatives with their concerns about the project, two members voted to table to vote until July 5 at their next meeting.

"They wanted some additional, legal advisement or a second opinion at this point," said Kevin Campbell, President of the Board of Public Affairs. "It's the best way to phrase it."

Campbell would have preferred if his fellow board members made a decision Tuesday.

This $1 billion project is on hold, as well as a vote coming from Lordstown Council to allow the connection of water lines.

"I think some of the things we learned from the LEC project have them concerned about making sure everything's in place that they want," Campbell said. "I felt that all the parties that were involved are still here in the village and they're probably the best people to evaluate what we need."

If the board voted the project down, the village can't progress with the project whatsoever, essentially abolishing all plans.

"My largest concern is that the project lead has expressed the financing will not hold together in the time frame for this to work and if that's the case, there's no need to vote because there won't be a project to vote on," Campbell added. 

Campbell has hopes this could still pass, but he explained he would not be surprised if it didn't.

If this water line project doesn't pass, the entire plan does not go forward.