President Joe Biden is calling on Congress to suspend the federal gas tax through September to ease the effect of rising gasoline prices on consumers and businesses.

According to the White House, Biden wants to suspend the 18-cent tax per gallon of as and 24-cent per gallon of diesel, without taking any money away from the Highway Trust Fund.

White House officials say because the national deficit is down by $1.6 trillion this year, the President believes that the government can afford to suspend the gas tax while using other revenues to make the Highway Trust Fund whole for the roughly $10 billion cost.

In addition to federal gas tax relief, the President is calling on state and local governments to provide additional consumer relief such as temporary suspension of local gas taxes or delaying planned tax increases.

In spite of pressure from some lawmakers to temporarily reduce Ohio’s gas tax by 10.7 cents-per-gallon, Governor Mike DeWine has repeatedly said he would not go along with idea because the revenue is needed to repair and maintain the state’s roads and bridges.