Late last week, Shenango Valley Congressman Mike Kelly was implicated by a Wisconsin Senator in a scheme to get alternate electors to Vice President Mike Pence in an effort to overturn the 2020 election results.

In a report on, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson claimed fake electors he received and was supposed to give to then VP Pence, came from Kelly's office.

"I have not talked to Ron Johnson since 2011, never talked to him during this whole election cycle and I think there is a continuing difference in what he says took place," Kelly said. "I have no knowledge of anything taking place and quite frankly when you ask people so, what is it he's saying we did and I said really, why would somebody think a congressman from Pennsylvania would have anything to do with the election procedure in Wisconsin? I don't know, I haven't talked to him about it, I haven't talked to any of his staff. I really have no understanding of what it is we're trying to get to there."

Kelly says he has not been paying attention to the January 6th committee hearings and says it's the democrats way of deflecting real issues affecting this country.

"Of course, if I were a democrat, I wouldn't want everybody to look at anything but inflation, look at our withdrawal from Afghanistan, look at what's happening in Ukraine and I would be saying please, don't let anybody ask us questions about that," Kelly said. "Our economy is in freefall, the real inflation is over 11% and when you have to make a decision as a person everyday deciding, am I going to fuel my car or feed my kids, I can't afford to do both right now, that is the main issue."

When asked if the January 6th committee hearings were still important for people to hear, Kelly again said there are more important issues at hand.

"I think it's important for the democrats that they continue to beat that drum," Kelly said. "I think for most of the people I talk to they want to see us do legislation that makes it easier for people to control their cost of living, to control the cost of energy and it's like, once you have your energy situation settled, then everything else, that affects every single thing we make, every single thing, the policies on it, it all comes down to energy, that is the common thread through everything. The question is, why don't we rely on domestic energy because it's so abundant."

Kelly goes on to say the President is going to go around the world begging bad actors to supplement what it is that we don't produce ourselves and it makes no sense.

"We have great stores of natural gas and an abundance not just for decades, but for centuries," Kelly said.

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