A man charged in connection to the investigation into the death of a dog at a Struthers home has been sentenced.

Joseph Angelo, 25, was handed a six-month jail sentence for two felony counts of cruelty to animals.

Angelo was charged following an investigation by Animal Charity agents after they were denied access to a Frank Street home.

Agents learned that a dog had died there and appeared to be malnourished.

Following a court order and help from the police department, the home was searched. Officials found clothes, garbage and food on the floor of the home.

Two dog cages were found as well as one dog in a room.

An officer said he could smell urine in the home, claiming that it caused his eyes to burn.

Struthers Police told 21 News seven dogs, one cat, and one iguana were removed from the home that day and taken to Animal Charities.

The Frank Street home that was the scene of the investigation caught fire in June. No one was there at the time of the blaze.

Along with his six-month jail sentence, Angelo will be under supervision for five years and was ordered to not own any animals.