The term "knee-high by the 4th of July" is an old adage used by corn farmers to measure the health and success of their crops by independence day. If it was knee-high by the 4th, their crops were on track for the season. But, how accurate is this measure? 

David Hull from White House Fruit Farm in Canfield said the knee-high mark actually "means nothing" when it comes to the health of sweet corn. The farm plants their corn 4 to 5 times throughout the spring and summer, meaning their crops all have different heights by the 4th of July. The corn in their field is currently anywhere from 2 inches to 5 feet.  Hull said, "What people can't seem to grasp is that if we plant all at once our corn will only be able to sell for about two weeks." The farm planted its first crop in the spring and will gather its first harvest in about a week. Their corn will be on sale from mid-July until mid-September. 

Megan McMaster from McMaster Farm said the "knee-high" reference only applies to field corn. Field corn is commonly used to feed livestock whereas humans usually only eat sweet corn. She said McMaster Farms field corn was about chest high this Independence day.  

The good news is that sweet corn crops have had minimal issues this season. McMaster said they had a late start this year due to the wet spring season, but plan on selling their corn by July 20. Another common issue this season has been dry crops due to the summer heat and minimal rainfall. Staff from McMaster and Catalpa Grove Farm both said they had to irrigate this summer. 

White House Fruit Farm and Molnar Farms are both selling sweet corn from southern Ohio until their crops are harvested and ready to be sold. 

Here are some places you can buy sweet corn in the valley: 

  • White House Fruit Farm: Sweet Corn from southern Ohio on sale now for $7.50 a dozen. White House Farm sweet corn expected to be on sale in the coming weeks. Farm located at 9249 Youngstown-Salem Rd. Canfield, OH 44406. 
  • Catalpa Grove Farms: Sweet Corn for sale now for $7.00 a dozen, $3.50 for half a dozen, and 60 cents per ear. Farm located at 41473 State Route 14, Columbiana, OH 44408. 
  • McMaster Farms: Sweet Corn is expected to be on sale by July 20th. Prices to be determined. Farm located at 345 Old 14 Rd, Columbiana, OH 44408. 
  • Molnar Farms:  Sweet Corn from southern Ohio on sale now for $7.50 a dozen, $4.00 for half a dozen and 68 cents an ear. Farm located on 3115 E Western Reserve Rd, Poland, OH, 44514.