Women, men, and children gathered around the Gazebo in Warren Courthouse Square to protest the Supreme Court Reversal of Roe versus Wade. 

And they are protesting against the Ohio laws that limit abortions that were triggered June 24th once that opinion was released.
The state law does allow for an abortion in a hospital if a mother's life is at risk of death, and up until a heart beat is detected.
"People don't know they're pregnant at 6 weeks most of the time, 98 percent of the time," Co-Host Sara Martin said.
The folks here say there are problems with that ban.
We're sending a personal message to Governor Mike DeWine.  "Vote him out, vote him out," they chanted.
They emphasize Ohio's law has no exemption for incest or rape and would make criminals out of victims already victimized.
In Ohio, statistics from the Department of Health show in 2020 there were 52 children under the age of 15 who received abortions. 
A teen from Warren in college now, tell us at age 11 she was raped at her first sleep over at a friends house. She wasn't pregnant but fears for other victims.
"I just think back to that day if I were to get pregnant when I was 11 how would I exist? To be frank if that happened I probably would have ended up killing myself because it's so hard to exist in this world when your sexually assaulted," said Cierra Burchett.
Folks here say they will be working to elect candidates who believe women should have control over their bodies.
"Hands off our bodies!"
"You have to vote in November. Please, please, please vote you have to vote pro-choice all the way down the ballot," Host of the event Rebecca Norman said.
In Lisbon, two rallies took place near the Republican Party Headquarters: one pro-choice, and one pro-life. 
The pro-life people there are applauding the U.S. Supreme Court ruling.
They say they are standing for the silent majority and standing up for the sanctity of all life.