Campbell's Mayor Bryan Tedesco tells us he and city council continue their work to bring a grocery store to Campbell.
Currently people in a certain 10-mile radius have no grocery store nearby. And a new store would help families not only in Campbell, but also in Lowellville, Coistville, parts of Hubbard, and the east side of Youngstown.
A site being considered is on 616 near the Library and New branch of Akron Children's Hospital behind the middle school.
At the end of July we'll meet with him if he likes the property he likes what he sees then he will try to go forward and we will do what we can to anchor this grocery store in the city of Campbell.
The mayor tells us this is a brand name  grocery story but is not naming the store at this time.
"Matt Bowen has been helping me out a lot and we have grant writers to see if there is something we can do to help this gentleman out that wants to built a grocery store in Campbell," said Mayor Tedesco.
He adds soon the city will also finally have a gas station convenience store on 12th Street.
The owner is waiting for the tanks to come in.
Meantime the Mayor and Council members are working with others to get grants to buy the former Sheet and Tube Site. The goal is to bring interested investors and create jobs at the former brownfield that is shovel ready.
"I believe Campbell is turning a corner and people are willing to invest in our city," said Tedesco.
After a two year or three year break Campbell is bringing back it's Summer Fest, with food, and rides at Roosevelt Park July 29, 30, and 31, 2022.
The Summer Fest parade will be on the 29th and fireworks on the 31st.