An Austintown woman was indicted on two counts of Endangering Children on Thursday.

Twenty-one-year-old Sierra Yakuvik was indicted in reference to an incident from May of 2022, in which she allegedly endangered her two-year-old daughter resulting in multiple injuries.

According to the indictment, Yakuvic allegedly abused her daughter and allegedly created "a substantial risk to the health or safety of [her daughter]." 

Austintown Police spoke with investigators who say that Yakuvic arrived at UPMC Pittsburgh to have her two-year-old daughter seen for medical attention. 

Police say it was soon determined that the child has been suffering and was in various staged of healing for multiple fractures and bruising. Police noted the following injuries:

- Right tibia fracture

- Left tibia fracture

- Left radius fracture

- Left femur fracture

- Bruises to right eyelid

- Bruises to left forehead

- Bruises to side of left eye

- Bruises to right elbow

 - Bruises to right upper back

- Bruises to right lower back

- Bruises to right inner thigh

- Bruises to right outer thigh

- Bruises to right lower leg

Police say that there was also a four-year-old child living at Yakuvik's residence. Police arrived at the residence for a welfare check, but say nobody was home at the time, but a small bed on the floor was present.

The current condition of the toddler is unknown at this time.