Several people were treated or taken to the hospital after a potential chemical exposure at Ultium Cells LLC in Lordstown.

According to the Lordstown Fire Department, a few people working at the Tod Avenue plant complained of a reaction to a chemical in the area where they were working.

A representative from Ultium Cells says 2 employees were transported to the hospital as a result of the exposure. Others were treated at an in-house medical site and had family members come pick them up.

At this time, it's unclear what led to the exposure or how many people total were affected.

In a statement, Ultium Cells said "air samples were taken in the area with a certified meter, and all tests were at safe levels."

When we asked Ultium what chemical their employees were exposed to, their representative responded with the same above statement. We also asked why employees would need to be hospitalized if levels were safe, but the Ultium representative did not respond to the question.