For years, Second Harvest Food Bank has had the supplies to feed thousands around our valley but now, with just twenty percent of their normal supply of food left, Executive Director Mike Iberis tells 21 News it's possible we could be facing a food shortage.

It's a widespread and dire situation, as many food banks around the state and the nation are in the same boat.

"The emergency food network in Ohio feeding America food banks is in trouble," said Iberis. "We are short of food, as is the entire country," he said.

Inflation consistently on the rise, food bank shelves virtually empty and the demand for food increasing, is the perfect storm for a catastrophic event, causing Second Harvest to cut back on what they can give out.

"We, like our counterparts throughout Ohio, are probably only two to two and half weeks away from not having any food," said Iberis. "So we're in a serious situation," he said.

This situation has forced the food bank to resort to purchasing more than 400 thousand dollars worth of food, just to get by.

Second Harvest and several other food banks across the state, have written letters asking Ohio lawmakers for $50 million dollars to help.

"We have our request in to Governor DeWine for several months now and we've not heard anything back," said Iberis. "We're anxious to talk with him and see where this request stands," he said.

Iberis tells 21 News they are not completely out of food and just received a few packages of fruit Monday, but the list of items they ususally get is dwindling.

Iberis is also concerned that they have not received a shipment from their main distributor, USDA, in weeks.

Although this is unlike anything he's seen in 22 years, Iberis says they don't know how yet, but they will get through it.