Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted made a stop in the Valley Tuesday, and he made sure to bring out the big guns.

Husted was at the Trumbull County Rod and Gun Club in Cortland to celebrate the second amendment. People were asked to bring their own guns and ammo to celebrate with him.

While there, Husted spoke about leader's views on gun reform. He says their administration was not supportive of red flag laws, but did support a court process to determine if people are a harm to themselves and others.

Red flag laws allow courts to prevent people who show signs of being a danger to themselves or others from having access to or owning guns. Husted did not clarify the difference between what he supports and a red flag law.

"The bottom line is Governor DeWine and I support second amendment rights," said Husted. "We support freedom loving Americans who want to exercise those rights, but we also want to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those who are not legally allowed to own them."

Husted says they also created an e-warrant system that's free for all law enforcement in the state to use.