So what if by some miracle you become the big winner of the billion dollar lottery?

What is the first thing you should do?
 Legal experts say "get lawyered up and disappear."

"In this day and age you really can't tell anyone. You have to keep your mouth shut," said Mahoning County Probate Judge, Robert Rusu Jr.

Before you even claim the prize, you should talk to a lawyer who specializes in estate planning and probate.

"There are ways you can claim the prize and stay anonymous. That's important because friends, relatives and undesirable people come out and try to steal your money and try to take advantage of the individual," added Judge Rusu.

You need to kind of disappear. States like Ohio have laws that allows you to claim the winnings anonymously. PA does not.

If you truly want to remain anonymous you'll have to part with one of your most prized possessions...your cell phone. You need to cancel the phone and get a pre-paid phone with cash. That way no one can really contact you.

That also means deleting all of your social media accounts. Get rid of that digital footprint.
After eliminating communication, get out of town. Let that publicity die down for a while.

Then you can work with your attorney to set up a trust that can handle your money for you. Don't go buying big expensive, flashy things right off the bat. The trust can buy things for you and pay the bills without ever using your name, making sure all of your big financial moves are done anonymously.

Then you can live in the lap of luxury, safely and without harassment.