In June Ohio laws regarding who can legally carry a concealed handgun without a permit.

But constitutional carry does not mean everyone can carry. The are a number of parameters and restrictions that can land people in trouble if they are unaware of the laws.

Legal advisor and assistant prosecutor Traci Timko tells folks at Warren's Northwest Neighborhood Association and outlined many restrictions on Ohio's concealed handgun carry law.

"If you are under 21 there is no constitutional carry. Constitutional carry only applies to handguns, not long guns," said Warren's Assistant Prosecutor Traci Timko.

She adds problem areas include schools, police departments, some government buildings, courthouses, and beyond airport terminals, businesses, and hospitals where signs are posted that guns are not allowed.

"Anyone carrying concealed should look for a sign on any buildings because anybody can refuse you to come in with your firearm," said Warren's Police Chief Eric Merkel.

When stopped if an officer asks, you must respond truthfully you have a gun and keep your hands in plain sight at all times.

"You are required to keep your hands in plain sight at all times. You are prohibited from touching the gun, so for example, if you get stopped and they ask if you are carrying a gun and you tap the gun on your side and say right here, that's a criminal offense. You can not touch the gun, you can not move your hands from plain view. You must obey all lawful orders from the police when you constitutional carry," emphasized Timko.

Gun owners are still responsible for securing their guns or guns away from children, teens, and passengers in their vehicles.

President of the Northwest Neighborhood Association Larry Larson said, "Kids are curious and they will get into something playing games so yes it's very important. It may save a life."

"We are holding this meeting as a public service," Larson added.

There are so many rules and requirements Warren's Police Chief recommends taking a course and applying for a permit.

"I highly recommend that people get training and get a permit. We've had people with no training try to put them in their waistband and their pocket and the guns gone off, and shot them in the leg and feet. It's a dangerous weapon and people should treat it that way," Chief Merkel emphasized.

Bob Weitzel Vice President of the Northwest Neighborhood Association said, "I recommend them getting a permit. You can carry in almost three fourths of the other states. Just being an Ohioan does not give you the right to go to another state like Pennsylvania."