A Canfield man has pleaded not guilty to charges filed after police say the car he was driving ran over an electronic speed monitoring sign in a residential neighborhood.

Police say they found 21-year-old McCoy Watkins in the driver’s seat of a heavily damaged Ford Fusion on Brookpark Drive this past Sunday, not far from what was left of the sign that digitally displays the speed of passing cars.

According to police, the sign is designed to slow traffic in neighborhoods.

Saying he could smell alcohol, the officer says in his report that he charged Watkins with OVI after having him perform a field sobriety test.

Watkins told the officer that he drank some tequila and seltzer about ten hours before the accident, according to the police report. The officer says Watkins said he momentarily had taken his eyes off the road before the crash.

Submitting to a breath test, police say Watkins’ blood alcohol content was .196.

In addition to DUI, Watkins was charged with failure to control his vehicle.