Grove City College is putting the finishing touches on its library renovation project.

Henry Buhl funded the library building in 1952 that would be named after him at Grove City College.
But changing times and changing technology has required a major renovation of the library that is now nearly complete.

"What we did was open it up to today's modern thinking of more collaboration space. Where the college may have needed more space for students to get together to study, we've created that with this space," says GCC VP of Operations, Susan Grimm.

New features include group study rooms, new reading and reference spaces along with a new lobby, new offices and a coffee cafe.
There's an effort to continue the same traditional look and aesthetic of the historical campus while still addressing the changing needs of the students.

"Our grounds were designed by the same person who designed Central Park in NYC so we try to maintain that look with our buildings," said Grimm.

Always looking to upgrade its campus, Grove City's next project will be to completely overhaul the Rockwell science building.