We mentioned the possible tornado that caused some damage in Boardman on Sunday.
We've also learned officials in the flood-weary community will be seeking a disaster declaration from Columbus.
In Boardman, roads were flooded, and what looked like a river ran through residents' yards on Sheilds Road at the intersection of LeMans Drive in Boardman. 
"When we get real heavy torrential downpours like this, you get a lot of water that comes along from the other side of the road because the storm drains don't take the water away," Ryan Freeland said.
As each truck, SUV, or car drove through the section of Sheilds, the flooding in neighbors' yards and back yards and apartments got worse.
"Then the creek in the back here gets overwhelmed, then it floods back into our parking lot, then it comes into our apartments, Freeland added.
Residents who live in the neighborhood tell WFMJ News they need help from the township and state.
The Ohio Highway Patrol was called in to help close off a section of Route 224 near Boardman Plaza from just past Glenwood Avenue to Saline's Trial.
In part of the plaza, rainfall was just past the bottom of the car or van doors.
Even swat rescue from Canfield helped in a team effort to evacuate people trapped on around four dozen roadways in Boardman since the vehicle can tread the high water.
Cars were stuck on the road to an apartment complex. Yellow tape blocking the road to some people's apartments. One car drove through the tape, warning 'Do Not Pass.'
 Joe on Twitter took a picture of a funnel cloud and possible tornado on York in Boardman, partly responsible for stirring up damage and more flooding.
Several townships provided assistance to Boardman township, which was overwhelmed with calls for help.
Boardman Towing was busy with calls from multiple drivers who tried to drive through water, and their vehicles got stuck.