As part of his efforts to bolster Senate candidate J.D. Vance's chances in his race against Tim Ryan, former President Donald Trump will hold a rally with Vance on Sept. 17 at the Covelli Centre in downtown Youngstown. 

The rally comes as the general election season kicks into high gear after a summer in which Vance has struggled to gain momentum in a race expected to favor the Republican nominee heavily. 

Vance won the nomination after catapulting to a narrow victory after the former president endorsed him late in the primary season. Still, a wide majority of Ohio Republicans cast their votes for other candidates in that field. 

That endorsement came after Vance reversed course on his earlier criticisms of Trump, who he had previously called an "idiot," "reprehensible," and "noxious." 

The rally at the Covelli Centre is scheduled to begin with doors opening at 2 p.m, with the first speakers taking the stage at 4 p.m. Trump is scheduled to headline the event at 7 p.m.

People looking to attend the rally can register for tickets here.

A news release says that in addition to Vance, the rally will feature "the entire Ohio Trump ticket" but does not specify who that means.

The race between Ryan and Vance has been seen as surprisingly tight, given Trump's eight-point margins of victory in 2016 and 2020 in Ohio. 

A combination of Vance's slow start to hit the campaign trail or run advertisements, coupled with criticism from party insiders and Ryan's focus on trying to appeal to nonpartisan voters, has led to polls consistently showing a dead heat. 

The rally also comes amid a backdrop of mounting legal troubles for Trump, with investigations in several states over matters including his repeated efforts to overturn the 2020 election, his business dealings in New York, and, most recently, the probe into why there were boxes containing classified information taken from the White House and left in unsecured locations at the former president's golf club in Florida. 

Ryan's campaign responded to news of the rally with a statement that reads: 

"Down in the polls and hiding from Ohio voters rather than explain why his scammy nonprofit brought a Purdue Pharma mouthpiece to the epicenter of the opioid epidemic, JD Vance is yet again leaning on out-of-state allies in another desperate, all-of-the-above attempt to distract from the fact that he's a massive fraud."---Izzy Levy, Tim for Ohio spokesperson.