"It definitely scares us," says Faith Morlan of Canfield. The now-familiar scene of a deadly crash in her neighborhood is almost becoming too much for her.

"There are families that live here, there are families that have children, and it's scary," Morlan said Wednesday. "Being the oldest of a lot of siblings and them learning how to drive and getting out there, seeing something like this sort of causes a little anxiety."

Sixty-five-year-old Daniel Harvischak died, and three others were severely hurt in a fiery crash along Tippecanoe Road early Wednesday morning.

Authorities blame aggressive driving.

They say that as Harvischak and another driver sped south, they hit a third car headed north.

"Some cars go really, really slow, and other cars go really, really fast," said Cathy Mowry, who has lived in this section of Canfield for many years.

Those years have brought lots of development, which she says has changed how people drive. "I see a lot of cars pulling out because they just get frustrated, and they can't get out."

But both neighbors we talked to say this serious problem comes with simple fixes.

"Putting something like speedometers around, just get people more aware of what's going on," suggested Morlan.

"Go the speed limit," urged Mowry. "You don't have to go 45, you're only going to go a short distance and hit a red light anyway; be a kinder driver."